DANIEL-DUGAN-ABC“…played with a conniving intensity by Daniel Dugan as a white-trash soldier who is smarter than he seems.”


“But it is Daniel Dugan – stop and remember that name – whose performance will absolutely take your breath away. He is giving more than I have ever seen a young actor give on stage in years. It is, in fact, the very best performance that I have ever seen at a Fringe show. He is chilling, funny, powerful, commanding, totally convincing …eyes that simply sparkle and a dazzling smile that could lure anyone into the bedroom. When you put all that together in one package, it simply explodes with excitement.  In terms of surprises, I would equate Dugan’s turn here with that stunning performance of John Lloyd Young in ‘Jersey Boys’: sincere, unexpected, honest…And make no mistake about the Dynamic Dugan. You will definitely be hearing a lot more from him in the future. Anyone who has a desire to be on stage should see this young kid and learn what acting is all about. He is remarkable and can teach some of the old pros a thing or two about stagecraft. Five minutes into the show I knew I was watching a star in the making.”

WBAI-NY, Marle Becker

“Dugan’s committed whirlwind of a performance withstands all impediments, and the young, hitherto essentially unknown actor will hopefully get an award…(Yes, he’s that good.)”

CURTAIN UP, Les Gutman

“Daniel Dugan is impressive…his articulate charm serves to disguise cores of ugliness and spite. These are the kinds of characters Bret Easton Ellis once specialized in, and Dugan inhabits them brilliantly.”